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English Bio

Stefano Ordini is the unique inventor and creator in the world of the Metaphonic art and music that conjugate his original musical works  with the alien choirs and oral testimony.

There are various thesis on the sounds from the other dimension:

  • Sounds emitted from trapassed souls
  • Sounds emitted by evolved souls
  • Sounds emitted by the outer space
  • Sound emitted from the aliens
  • Sounds emitted by spacecraft

His CD “Metafonie Vol. 1” is becoming very famous and knowly around the world (U.S.A., Canada, South Amercia, Europe, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zeland), his concerts, conferences and interview has been spread in the main international TV stations (Ard, Zdf, BBC, Tf1, Spansih, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish televisions, Swiss TSI, RAi, RAISAT, Mediaset, Sky, Universal).

Even Italian television “RAIDUE” with Mr. Giacobbos’ TV show “Voyager”  examined the problem of the “next world” .

He won numerous national and international awards has pianist/songwriter. He won a lot of awards has soundtrack writer for movies, short films (Donatello’s David in 1999), commericials, web sites, digital art and theatrical performances.

He studied and collaborated with musicians and artists internationally renowned as: Sylvano Bussotti, Giuseppe Chiari, Giancarlo Cardini, Luigi Nono.

A successfil compilation for Amiata Records saw him collaborate with Arvo Part and Franco Battiato.

He is one of the most innovative author on the international and European scene.

His next work is “Visions” a new CD for solo piano (Track of every musical genre) for the roman Alfamusic and a compilation for the milanese M.A.P. , this new work will be distribute in Europe, China, Korea and Japan.

The new album “ METAFONIE and UFONIE” vol. 2  mixes with the metaphonic  music of the art, a new art form, created by Mr. Ordini: the alien art and music ….paintings, drawns, pictographs on the score, take inspiration from the crop circles (circles designed in the corn) and from the planet/stars maps; while the track “METAFONIA: ALIEN SONG” take inspiration from the documents of the medium and reserecher, Mr. Marcello Bacci, and has been incorporated in Mr. Ordini’s composition in a song form.

The voice that sings (Pass away? Alien?) is the first alien singing voice included in a music’s piece.

To relate everything, the shoot of Mr. Stefano Ordini (you can find it on HYPERLINK “ who filmed some strange lights (U.F.O.?) in the sky of his city’s origin: lots more will followed it..... 


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